Gestation as Self-Preservation

As educationists, we really need to be aware of this line of thinking. It is real. I especially enjoyed this quote, “…an act of creative defiance.” I wanted a life, and I started to build it with the only tools at my disposal – my love, my energy, my creativity, my unshakable optimism and my own body. I got pregnant.” I was 17 (almost 18) when I had my son. Fortunately I had already made the decision to get my GED and start college before I knew I was expecting. I hope to see our educational system become such that girls and boys both see their self worth and find outlets of creativity that don’t make them feel they must resort to their bodies to create something meaningful. Yet, I also hope that we build a system that is so empowering that if the biological clock compels young men and women to reproduce in their late teens or early twenties, they have the emotional, intellectual, and financial stability to do so with courage and fidelity.


I used to have this friend, Allison Crews, she was a teenage mother, like I was, and an activist, like I am.  She wrote about being a young parent, and she made a community for young mothers called

She used to say something along the lines of “If I told the whole story of my life, no one would ever believe me.” If they made a movie of my life, the script would be rejected as too fantastical.  So I tell my story in parts. Build up to the required suspension of disbelief.

One part of the movie script of my life is that I was a teenage welfare mom.  Like a lot of children from violent homes, I graduated high school and immediately tried to create the safe feeling of family that I never had.  I moved out at 17, got married at 18 and had a…

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