Manageable Monitoring with Portfolios

Manageable Monitoring with Portfolios

Portfolios can be used to house and organize progress monitoring notes, assessments, and student selected pieces that show the work they’re most proud of 🙂 What a great tool for student lead conferences! This link shows how to put it all together:

Data-Driven Decisions And Team Autonomy


What exactly are data-driven decisions?

I am a little worried that the word “data” might be getting a bad and undeserved rap. Let me state up front that I am an advocate of data-driven decisions and no, I am not a left-brained mathematical mind. In fact, I am quite the opposite and once upon a time never imagined that the word “data” would EVER enter my vocabulary as a teacher.

So why am I a convert? Because I know how powerful teaching and learning becomes when teachers use student data to make immediate plans and changes to their instruction.  I will define data-driven decisions as simply using assessment information/student work to respond to student needs. Yes, there are numbers involved and sometimes even large tables in green, yellow and red that at first seem intimidating. Especially if we aren’t used to looking at students in this way! In addition…

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