Having support during pregnancy creates the best possible body chemistry for fetal development.  The way a child comes into the world matters.

Research indicates that minimal pharmaceutical interventions optimize neurological development for the baby. There is a reason that if a child needs intervention services in school, a “social/emotional development history” packet is sent home.  The RtI (Response to Intervention) team takes into account the situations and circumstances of gestation, birth, and development because they all affect the brain and consequently have an impact on academic performance.

I am interested in exploring more research on the relationship between interventions at birth and the subsequent interventions that many American children seem to be needing throughout life.

A very interesting film that scratches the surface of this issue is The Business of Being Born.

One thought on “Birth Matters

  1. Wow! I’m positive that there is a significant connection. As a mom and an educator in both regular and Learning/Behavioral disabilities Ed., I’m sure that circumstances surrounding birth play a significant role in how kids learn.I watched the preview DVD of The Business of Being Born. I liked, “Pizzas are delivered…Babies are birthed.” 🙂

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