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My Vision:

People of all ages discover & carry out their purpose through active learning and reflection.

My Mission:

Collaboratively improve student achievement by supporting and working with students, parents, teachers, educational leaders, instructional coaches, community stakeholders, and policy makers.

Education & Experience:

  • Master’s degree in Education from Converse College
  • Bachelor’s degree in ELA from University of Central Florida
  • Seven+ years service as an Instructional Facilitator/ Literacy Coach
  • Ten+ years successful classroom teaching; tenured in NC & SC Schools
  • Licensed as a teacher in South Carolina

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Highly motivated, self-directed, collaborative, and flexible.
  • Knowledge of educational curriculum, instructional methodology, and technology with a strong background in implementation of effective instructional practices through application of my own professional learning…I am always learning.
  • Possess appropriate presentation skills as they relate to the professional learning of teachers, administrators, and classified personnel, central office, and others.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with teachers, administrators, and classified personnel.
  • Analyze situations, determine possible options, and make appropriate decisions based on the facts of the specific situation.
  • Reflect experience with a variety of staff, programs, and activities.
  • Use sound judgment in approaching & working with sensitive & delicate situations.
  • Compile and complete reports in a timely manner.
  • Demonstrate high level technology skills, particularly SMART skills.
  • Possess a general working knowledge of Title I regulations, goals, and objectives, particularly school-wide programs.
  • Apply what I have learned from my experience with adult learners.
  • Reflect on prior experiences closing the achievement gap and raising test scores.
  • Prepare data, manage mCLASS enrollments, & work with records.
  • Do extensive reading and research.


  • Support and participate in Professional Learning Communities – I prefer to help each grade level’s PLC chair develop the agenda collaboratively, then to help in development of common assessments, and share data.  I am also available to share research based best practices (I may ask questions to lead your PLC to aha moments with regard to best practice rather than bluntly say “this is how we should do it”).  I do my best to stay abreast of changes in local curriculum in order to help your team design curriculum maps for the grade level as agreed upon in advance with you.
  • Work cooperatively and collaboratively with Central Office Instructional Staff

Commitment to Leadership:

Collaborate with principal & leaders designated within the school:

  • To identify teachers who will benefit most from my support as a coach
  • Assist with design and implementation of building level professional learning (teacher led mini workshops, peer observations, reflections on model lessons, coaching, capacity building tours of other schools, on-site presentations in PLC or Staff meetings, off-site workshops, etc.)
  • Complete a wide variety of tasks as needed (other duties as assigned).

 Commitment to Teachers & Staff :

Collaborate with teachers to:

  • Provide support & resources for professional learning initiatives by:
    • Modeling instructional best practices for…
      • Reading Workshop
      • Writing Workshop
  • Providing feedback (confidential one-on-one debriefs)
  • Facilitating group discussion
  • Counsel and advise teachers on a variety of topics, issues, and areas
  • Facilitate professional growth of staff by coaching them to:
    • Effectively adjust instructional strategies
    • Use positive behavior support to strengthen classroom management
    • Implement assessment techniques that ensure student achievement
    • Implement effective practices to promote student growth
    • Assist in analyzing data relative to the impact of activities on student achievement.
    • Utilize assessment information before, during, and after instruction to guide instructional design (Curriculum Mapping in PLC & Differentiated Lesson Planning of Individual Teachers).
    • Optional (at principal’s discretion):
      • Facilitate communication with staff to promote:
        • brain based learning
        • developmentally appropriate financial literacy
        • health/fitness/nutrition integration
        • integration of the arts
  • Foster understanding and identification of:
    • Potential twice-exceptionality
    • Early identification of Gifted & EC

 Fun Facts About Me:

  • I have a blended family = husband + children: Tristan & his wife Alley (adults), Scarlet (15 y.o daughter), & Ashton (10 y.o son)
  • I love the Peanuts cartoons & my favorite character is Snoopy
  • I am an INFJ (http://typelogic.com/infj.html)
  • I am 100% West & 75% South (strengths: seeing the big picture & peacemaking) from NSRF Compass Points exercise
  • I am a Teal (slightly more green than blue) from the True Colors test
  • I went into education because I was inspired by a few great teachers, disappointed by a few bad ones, and bored by a lot mediocre ones. My dream was to make a difference so that more kids could have mostly great teachers!

I have taught for over 18 years in 3 different states: Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  I have mentored student teachers, published curriculum for the Gifted & Talented, and worked on pacing guides as well as test development committees for tiered instruction. I directed a Freedom Writers program at York Chester Middle School for several years and hosted an annual Toast for Change which was twice featured in the Gaston Gazette (2009 & 2011). I haves served as a Pinnacle Technology Leader and am certified to teach the Academically Gifted in NC & SC, in grades K-12.  I encourage all educators to tap into student curiosity to help plant the seeds for lifelong learning. I currently serve as a Literacy Coach in York County at York Intermediate School. 

I previously served as an Instructional Facilitator in Gaston County at Bessemer City Primary where I work with teachers and teams following the Professional Learning Community model.  


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  1. Hello, and thanks for reading my blog! Out of curiosity, how did you find me? I am asking because I am unsure as to the best way to promote my blog. Thanks again for your interest.
    Lori Gard

  2. audedu says:

    I searched “Education” on WordPress to find other bloggers who write about similar topics. I’ve read that the best way to build up your blog is to network with other bloggers and make good use of tags. I’ve gotten a few tips from http://www.penelopetrunk.com/ and from the Worpress home page support link http://en.support.wordpress.com/ Hope this helps 🙂 Happy blogging!

  3. Michael Trow says:

    I also wanted to thank you for checking out my blog. I’d welcome the chance to connect on some other sites, you don’t share any links though 😦
    Your blog is interesting so feel free to look me up on other sites through my blog http://michaeltrow.wordpress.com/

  4. 3D Eye says:

    Many thanks Aubrey for your visits to 3Di and your interest in our work. Looking forward to catching up with your blogs now that we’re back from our trip to Japan.
    Best wishes, GF @ 3Di

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