Thinking of books I want to write:

  • A recipe book(will it be real recipes for a healthy brain or a metaphoric tool for healthy being? … maybe both as my study of ontology continues…) Who knows what the title will be?
  • Coaching in an Era of Change
  • Goddess Dies to Grace (A worldview journey). A trilogy? Or three novellas in one book?  A modern epic twist on three Olympian women. Persephone (Seph), Artemis (Diana), & Athena each die to “self” as they learn through adversity and experience a shift to a Christian world view.

For my recipe book, I will try recipes, chart my own success (& that of my family) as I read:

  • The Kitchen Shrink: Foods & Recipes for a Healthy Mind
  • Meals that Heal Inflammation
  • Miss Kay’s Duck Commander Kitchen
  • Foods that Fight Pain

For my Coaching book I will reflect on my own professional journals and notes from books I’ve read:

For my fiction work, I will use Annie’s Novel Plotting worksheets (conduct extensive research and pull from my personal experiences)

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