Elena Aguilar is a fantastic trainer of coaches!  I got a lot out of her three day training for instructional facilitators of Gaston County Title I schools. Her coaching resources are of exceptional value! www.elenaaguilar.com

I thought I had already gotten a lot of good stuff from reading her blog last spring.  Then I started reading her book at the end of summer and realized that everything came into context and made so much more sense after face to face training with her.

The thoughtfulness, flexibility, and depth of Elena’s face to face training complemented to the thoroughness of her book and the generosity of her website (where numerous free tools can be found). I deeply respect the compassion of her work and highly value the tools she has shared with me and my colleagues.  We are better equipped to nurture and inspire, using a variety of coaching lenses and question stems to gently and patiently transform the schools we love.

the art of coaching

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