What is Teaching?

In Never Underestimate Your Teachers, Robyn R. Jackson sums it up as a combination of “skill” and “will.” ┬áThis year, I am looking for input on ways to informally assess and facilitate growth for 18 teachers with the 7 Principles of Effective Instruction, which include:

  1. knowing where students are starting from (benchmark assessments & interest inventories)
  2. knowing where students are going (curriculum mapping, formative assessments, & progress monitoring)
  3. expecting students to get there (goal setting, positive behavior support, data notebooks)
  4. supporting students along the their journey (modeling, conferencing, coaching)
  5. using feedback to help themselves and their students grow (reflection journals, surveys, conference notes)
  6. expecting students to work harder than teachers (appropriate strategies, thinking tools, choice boards, & stamina development)
  7. planning well (efficient use of ideas, time, and resources)