What’s the difference between an educator and an educationist?

Educators follow the curriculum and check standards off their list.  They do what they’re told and pray for kids to pass their tests.  They are in education for any number of noble or ignoble reasons.

Educationists are self-motivated, undeterred by low pay, system constraints, or political minefields.  They are advocates who serve the best interests of students in any educational setting by facilitating students’ natural desire to discover and contribute to the world they live in.

Educators are teachers of content.  Educationists are educators with a pinch of artistry and a dash of ministry as they seek to educate mind, body, & soul…their own & those around them.

Why did I become a teacher?

I was inspired by a few great teachers,

disappointed by a few bad teachers,

and bored by a lot mediocre teachers.

The Good…

The Bad…

The Ugly…

great teachers

bad teachers

mediocre teachers

  • Inspire
  • Innovate
  • Challenge
  • Foster growth
  • Never complain
  • Do their best
  • Look for solutions
  • Read
  • Experiment
  • Never give up
  • Aren’t afraid of mess
  • Allow positive chaos
  • Promote creativity
  • Embrace diversity
  • Build people up
  • Smile
  • Speak kind words
  • Affirm
  • Get exasperated
  • Do their own thing
  • Make excuses
  • Complain
  • Blame others
  • Name problems
  • Avoid research
  • Use their files
  • Fear new things
  • Ignore some kids
  • Avoid other kids
  • Refuse messes
  • Squash creativity
  • Diminish dreams
  • Tear people down
  • Look miserable
  • Raise their voices
  • Use sarcasm
  • Bore children
  • Use the curriculum
  • Follow the syllabus
  • Talk a good game
  • Disengage
  • Shirk responsibility
  • Talk out of both sides of their mouth
  • Give lip service to trying something new
  • Do things half-heartedly
  • Fail to provide opportunities for growth or creativity
  • Remain neutral
  • Speak in monotone
  • Stay silent

What kind of teacher would you want for your child?

What kind of teacher are you?

What kind of teacher do you want to be?

1st Impressions

1st Impressions

Do these seven things during your first weeks of a new assignment, and you will be on your way to a great tenure as a leader. If you remember one thing, remember this; it is the first blink of an impression that makes the most difference to your future.