Reality Check

I took a couple of months hiatus from blogging because it has taken me some time to process the striking difference between the ideals I lived by as a classroom teacher and the reality I have observed as an instructional facilitator.  I was cautioned that I would see things very differently once I got out of the classroom…little did I know how differently!

I am blessed to serve a school where teachers are embracing Common Core and doing their best to implement best practices with fidelity, but I have seen and heard tales of teachers, in other places, resisting initiatives that demand more from them for the sake of providing better for their students.

I remember hearing there are  4 types of schools:

1. The “I wash my hands of you” school … if the student doesn’t try, the teacher doesn’t either

2. The “Survival of the Fittest” school … the teacher sets high standards and the students who work the hardest do the best

3. The “Good Times” school … regardless of standards or how hard anyone works, everyone has a fun and feels good about his/her self

4. The “Whatever it Takes” school … teachers go above and beyond to identify&  meet social, emotional, and academic needs of all

Everyone wants to believe they’re part of a “Whatever it Takes” school, but I talk to parents every day with students in various schools in both NC & SC, who feel their child’s school is falling short in one way or another.

Bottom Line: We’re doing the best we can with what we know and many of us are actively pursuing better.


About Aubrey

Christian educationist having served in Title I and non Title I public schools, with experience in the often misunderstood fields of gifted education, RtI, and coaching. First hand experience homeschooling, virtual schooling, and alternative schooling too. Married mother of 3 in a blended family.
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One Response to Reality Check

  1. audedu says:

    “I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.”
    Blaise Pascal

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