PD Blog

The reason I felt the need to create my PD library and a separate PD blog is because shifts in how we do the business of education in America leave so much room for interpretation.  When I was a teacher, I really appreciated opportunities to learn “best practices” in education.  My college training prepared me on an intellectual level, but in the real word of doing school, I found that other teachers knew so much more than me and I never seemed to have the time to read all they books I wanted to read or the money to pursue the training that I wished I could attend.

I was so thankful that my 8th-11th years of teaching were in a school filled with inquisitive teachers eager to learn and we were supported and nurtured by an administrative team that believed in us. I am trying to understand whether the shift I see taking place is an isolated event or part of the bigger picture of where we are going as educators.  Are weekly Staff Development Meetings going the way of the dinosaur?