Creativity in the Classroom

Workshop Description

This workshop will allow participants to explore their own creativity along with various theories and research on creativity. Emphasis will be placed on transferring the knowledge and skills acquired to the classroom.

Workshop Objectives

Upon completion of the workshop, you will have

  1. Explored your own creativity
  2. Discussed how you will use creative strategies in your classroom & share with your PLC
    1. SCAMPER
    2. 6 Thinking Hats
    3. Humor (verbal or visual)
    4. Brainstorming
    5. Analogical or Metaphorical Thinking
    6. Synectics
    7. Lateral Thinking
  3. Set a date to begin/continue cultivating your own creativity with a project & journal your progress
  4. Developed a Creativity Integration Plan


NBPTS (National Board for Professional Teaching Standards) Core Propositions:

NBPTS Proposition #1: Teachers are committed to Students and Their Learning.

NBPTSProposition #2: Teachers Know the Subjects They Teach and How to Teach Those Subjects to Students.

NBPTSProposition #3: Teachers are Responsible for Managing and Monitoring Student Learning.

NBPTSProposition #4: Teachers Think Systematically About Their Practice and Learn from Experience.

NBPTSProposition #5: Teachers are Members of Learning Communities

NBPTS Alignment


  1. Journal                                                              4
  2. Share Creativity in PLC                                       5
  3. Creative Project                                                 4
  4. Creativity Integration Plan                                 1,4

 If you are seeking or renewing your National Board Certification, these components serve as excellent evidence.

Recommended Reading:

Amabile, T.M. (1989)  Growing Up Creative. Crown Pub.:  New York

Bono, E. (1985).Six Thinking Hats. Little, Brown: Boston

Cramond, Bonnie (2005).  Fostering creativity in gifted students. Prufrock Press: Waco, TX

Piirto, Jane (2004). Understanding Creativity. Great Potential Press: Scottsdale, AZ

Pink, Daniel (2005). A Whole New Mind. Riverhead Books: New York






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