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Brian Dettmer: Book Surgeon

Brian Dettmer: Book Surgeon

This is called a book autopsy. If you Google this guy, you will be amazed at the images and information you can find. Susan Hoerth is another artist who does similar work. I LOVE it! In the 21st century, as we transition to ebooks, these are a memorial to a different way of learning…a way that I hope will not become completely lost. I still love annotating text, underlining, writing my questions and connections in the margins of my Bible, textbooks, and novels. As I look for this sort of art, I notice a trend toward the cerebral, fairy tales, and Shakespeare. I am hoping to try my hand at this…aiming to find vintage illustrated Bibles and antique textbooks for educators and theologians.

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What It Would Take

I belong to a couple different groups on Facebook that I joined because I wanted to become informed. I wanted credible sources, first hand accounts, a place to go when I had a specific question. One of these group is…

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