Brian Dettmer: Book Surgeon

Brian Dettmer: Book Surgeon

This is called a book autopsy. If you Google this guy, you will be amazed at the images and information you can find. Susan Hoerth is another artist who does similar work. I LOVE it! In the 21st century, as we transition to ebooks, these are a memorial to a different way of learning…a way that I hope will not become completely lost. I still love annotating text, underlining, writing my questions and connections in the margins of my Bible, textbooks, and novels. As I look for this sort of art, I notice a trend toward the cerebral, fairy tales, and Shakespeare. I am hoping to try my hand at this…aiming to find vintage illustrated Bibles and antique textbooks for educators and theologians.

What It Would Take

This is an issue that troubled me since the first time I had to make a descision about vaccinations over 16 years ago. Thankfully, my children have always seen pediatricians who took the time to explain the risks and benefits face to face and they also provided literature to help me make my decision. I was aware that certain genetic risk factors may make it not in my child’s best interest to get all shots. Fortunately, to my knowledge those genetic markers weren’t part of our family’s medical history and I knew my children wouldn’t later be admitted to public school without them, so I signed the papers for all of the vaccines they were supposed to have. Yet, I still wonder if the attention deficit disorder and something that seems like aspergers syndrome may be in some way related to those vaccines. I also wonder about all the students I have taught over the years who have had ADD or found themselves somewhere on the autism spectrum. Sometimes we sit in an RtI (Response to Intevention) meeting, speculating about the source of the many exceptionalities we see. It can’t ALL be bad parenting or bad teaching…so what if some of it is bad medicine? I don’t know enough to take a side on this issue, but I do believe it is worth thinking about. What research have any of you read about the effects of vaccines on children’s neurological health?

I belong to a couple different groups on Facebook that I joined because I wanted to become informed. I wanted credible sources, first hand accounts, a place to go when I had a specific question. One of these group is called Proud Parents of Unvaccinated Children.

(Now, before you jump on me and the hating comments begin, just pause the judgement and continue reading. =) Thank you.)

I consider myself a pretty level headed person who doesn’t make rash decisions just because everyone else is doing something, especially when it comes to my children. Before Moira came along, when I still thought that all doctors had our best interests at heart, I just did what the pediatrician said and never thought to question. Gabby had all her vaccinations from birth on as did AJ. I had no cause to think otherwise. Then the whole VBAC drama with Moira started and…

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