What The Hindu Taught Me About Jesus Christ

Three years ago The Hindu honored an educationist and spokesperson of the Jacobite Syrian Church,  Fr. Varghese Kallapara, who said, ““Life is a blessing to be experienced with an open heart and a call to devote yourself to your Maker.”

I came across this article while searching for other authors’ comments on Jesus Christ as an educationist. The last line of the article addressed my query: “Jesus Christ’s message of love towards one’s neighbour was the key to world peace.”

I can’t help but acknowledge my ignorance and question what prejudice exists within me that I find myself surprised to see such a quote in an online news forum whose title would lead me to expect something from a different world view.

Media Specialists

The most important factor in the school media center is the library media specialist. Almost every school has a media center. It was only in those schools in which library staffing was sufficient to allow for the active participation of library media specialists in curriculum development, student instruction, and teacher education that test scores  increased.

“The school media center is not just a place, it’s a program,” Lance said. “The librarian is the best support classroom teachers could hope to have. [Librarians] can provide educational resources to students and teachers. They can teach teachers how to use informational technology to access additional resources. They can teach information literacy to both teachers and students. They can provide design and support to  the curriculum. Eliminating professional school librarians for the purpose of increasing teacher-student ratios in classrooms, for example, handicaps every teacher and is extremely counterproductive.”

I wish I could recall where I found this quote.  I was reminded of it today when I attended Renaissance Learning training about connecting Renaissance products with Common Core.  Over lunch, it became clear that many of our media specialists are feeling isolated and devalued.  Some are wondering if they should be concerned about their jobs.

Top 10 e-learning rules

1. exercise body, mind, and spirit
2. eat healthily
3. energize yourself with adequate rest
4. entertain yourself and others with a good sense of humor
5. emphasize the positives
6. expect the best for your friends, yourself, and from your teachers
7. engage the right tool for the job
8. eVALUEate everything from all angles, including yourself
9. enter challenges that inspire you
10. exit anything that is clearly not working, but part with grace and dignity