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This gentleman knows what he’s talking about. A woman needs a supportive partner when she is expecting. Having support creates the best possible body chemistry and optimizes neurological development for the baby. The way a child comes into the world is of great consequence. There is a reason that if a child needs intervention services in school, a “social/emotional development history” packet is sent home. The RtI (Response to Intervention) team takes into account the situations and circumstances of gestation, birth, and development because they all affect the brain and consequenty have an impact of academic performance.

Thomas McGregor

I wanted to approach the subject of what some people may call a “Birthing Coach.” Due to the recent joyous findings of my first born, due in June of this year, I wanted to talk a little about being a support system for my fiance.
Below I have listed the Top 9 things that holistic thinking expectant fathers should take note of when approaching the birth of a new born child.
There are 9  because there are 9 months of pregnancy and you can start by implementing one of these per month.
  1. Always Be Soft:

The birthing process from start to finish is a delicate situation that can change at any minute. In order to be a good support system for your partner be soft in your approach to her needs.



2. Always Be Open:

Always consider other ways of doing things. Sometimes there might be situations in which you only…

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Christian educationist having served in Title I and non Title I public schools, with experience in the often misunderstood fields of gifted education, RtI, and coaching. First hand experience homeschooling, virtual schooling, and alternative schooling too. Married mother of 3 in a blended family.
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