That sounds like the title of a new children’s book doesn’t it?  I’m hoping the third grade teacher who also  said, “…if he was a predator, he wouldn’t make it,” writes the book.  We could read it on one of our parent nights and share it bibliotherapeutically with certain students and their families.  She put forth these comments in keeping with her sense of humor (the best way to survive teaching in the trenches: keep smiling). Until that book is published, there are a few could articles we can look to for some advice:

When Kids Don’t Care: Battling Student Apathy 

Motivating Your Students 

A Stand Up Approach to Students  Sleeping in Class

The most intriguing & inexpensive answer I found is in The GROWLS: Motivating Kids, Students, & Employees Without Bribes written by a pastor, professor, and parent. The premise here is that every human being has six natural needs just “growling” to be fed.  In this 41-page e-book, Dr. Chromey discusses 6 needs and reveals how a positive environment, rich in: GRACE, RELATIONSHIPS, OWNERSHIP, WORTH, LAUGHTER, & SAFETY/SECURITY will eliminate misbehavior, boredom, apathy, and absenteeism.

There are also  an abundance of  scholarly texts on the subject. Before we put together a list of resources that we will ask our principal to buy as resources, I would love to hear from others, what books have been the most powerful sources of insight? As interesting as some of these look, they range in  price from $20 – $70+ and there are over 50 to choose from on (search for “motivating students”).

Overcoming Student Apathy: Motivating Students for Academic Success

Motivating Every Student in Literacy: Including the Highly Unmotivated 

Motivating Hard to Reach Students (Psychology in the Classroom)



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