In Reality and Film, a Battle for Schools, author Michael Cieply writes about 20th Century Fox preparing a September release for “Won’t Back Down” a film that features the “controversies around so-called parent trigger laws that in California and a handful of other states allow parents to dump bad teachers and overrule administrators in bottom-ranked schools.” I look forward to seeing the movie and reading more about the legal realities behind parental moves like this.  What do you think?  If your child’s school was failing, what would you do?  If you were a teacher or administrator in such a school, how would you respond to parents planning to move in and take over?

2 thoughts on “Parents Could Take Over a Failing School…

  1. Audrey, FYI, could not link from email to your site.
    This audacious move in California presupposes competency by parents (Haha) and I can just imagine the brouhaha of 500 parents arguing over the best way to continue classes. Democracy does not work well in this case and I think it’s a stupid idea. Let parents cooperate, I am all for it, but academically they cannot and should not impose their inexpert views. Next they will run the fire station?

  2. Many parents do run fire stations, they are nurses, doctors , lawyers and Judges, short -order cooks, bartenders etc.. Parents come in all shapes , sizes and educational back grounds. In their jobs at the above mentioned if they do not show results they get fired. Teachers and school administrators should not be held to any less standards. Schools are failing, because teacher’s are making excuses. If you can not show results in the class room for the sake of our children find another occupation.

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