Are We Doing More Than Counting Caps and Gowns Yet?

A couple of years ago, it was noted by the American Federation of Teachers that there was a need for more and better student-centered research on the causes of student persistence problems in college. A pdf / pamphlet Student Persistance in College: More Than Counting Caps and Gowns by the AFT on Higher Education said “We need to look more closely at why students drop out, or take a long time to graduate, to know how best to apply our efforts. The Institute of Education Sciences should have this topic near the top of its research agenda. To help strengthen research efforts, Congress should consider broadening the charter of the federal Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance. In addition to providing policy guidance on postsecondary access and early outreach, the committee could be charged with advising policymakers on student success and degree completion. This would round out the committee’s mission as specified in the Higher Education Act and better reflect the complex task of assuring college opportunities for low-and moderate-income students.”

Take a look at the links and see where we are now:  


About Aubrey

Christian educationist having served in Title I and non Title I public schools, with experience in the often misunderstood fields of gifted education, RtI, and coaching. First hand experience homeschooling, virtual schooling, and alternative schooling too. Married mother of 3 in a blended family.
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One Response to Are We Doing More Than Counting Caps and Gowns Yet?

  1. jcsprenger says:

    True, there is an excessive amount of college drop-outs and not enough research has been done on the topic; but let’s also include high school where I work, The drop out rate is alarming and produces a subclass of citizens who often look in all the wrong places to survive. One of my “bad” students” was recently arrested with a load of cocaine, easy money that does not require diploma..till you are caught.

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