Science-less Grade One

If your state has adopted Common Core standards, this may resolve itself.


About Aubrey

Christian educationist having served in Title I and non Title I public schools, with experience in the often misunderstood fields of gifted education, RtI, and coaching. First hand experience homeschooling, virtual schooling, and alternative schooling too. Married mother of 3 in a blended family.
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3 Responses to Science-less Grade One

  1. I can not imagine a science less anything. Children are by nature scientists, and I’m wondering which DepEd would recommend such a thing. Check out Susan Kovalik’s material on Integrated Thematic Instruction. Science is oftentimes the hub that holds the curriculum together in the elementary grades.

  2. huh?! whaaaaaaaaaaat?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!? (sorry for shouting) As the science rep and 1st grade teacher this is disturbing!!!

  3. Mike10613 says:

    Science is about understanding the natural world, without that what is education? What is an artist who doesn’t understand light? What is an historian who doesn’t understand time? What is a philosopher who doesn’t have some understanding of the universe and the world around him?

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